Half-week homework: Spilled milk

(Not literally, of course, unless you or fate want it to be.)

Much as I may idealize the brooding, saturnine artist, I’m ultimately an optimist from a long line of optimists. Bad things happen, but there’s no reason to let them ruin your day if you can avoid it. They can, however, be sublimated into artistic expression. Hence comes this week’s photo challenge.

The next time you are visited by misfortune—especially if you find yourself confounded by fruitless frustration—try to get at least a little win out of the situation by making art. Smash a favorite vase? Grab the camera before the broom and make a poignant memorial to its history and wretched end.

Alternative interpretation: watch for mysterious remnants of misfortune in the world. A broken window in an abandoned building can make a much more striking photo than the whole one next to it. (That being said, DON’T BE THAT GUY and DON’T BREAK ANYTHING. I can not stress this enough.)

Get inspired below and send me your results! Post them to our Facebook page or on Instagram with the tags #mymikescamera #halfweekhomework. Good luck, and hopefully someone out there finds their day a little better this week.


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