Half-week homework: Local history

183 years ago today, American legends Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and their fellows died in the final siege of the Battle of the Alamo… remember? 😉

Either way, the anniversary got me thinking about the ways history hides in places. Every building, park, mountain, and meadow has a million stories attached—private and public, known and unknown—and every photo has the power to evoke those stories in the minds of its viewers.

We’ve talked before about traditions, but this week I challenge you to capture some of the history around you, at whatever level of grandeur interests you—anywhere from grandpa holding a family heirloom to something of national importance like the aforementioned Alamo. I’ve selected a few examples from around Colorado, including shots from South Park City, the wandering burros of Cripple Creek, a decaying train car on the outskirts of Victor, and a final portrait of an old house before it was torn down. Hopefully you’ve got some ideas of your own—I love history! Please share your shots and stories, either on our Facebook page or posting to Instagram tagged #mymikescamera #halfweekhomework.

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