The Imaging Alliance Presents: 5 Pictures You Can Only Take With A Real Camera

Our friends at The Imaging Alliance have put together four helpful guides for imaging enthusiasts. We’ll be sharing one a week this August. You’ll find any additional editorial comments inside brackets. Enjoy! – Blog Master

Sports Action Photos

With a smartphone, you can’t get up close to the action. The versatility of lens choice in a DSLR will allow you to get close to the peak action for any sport.

Even zoomed in, a smartphone can’t deliver the peak action and you always seem to miss the moment. A DSLR with a zoom lens gets you up close and is able to capture the peak action every time.

Family Portraits

Everyone wants to look their best in family portraits and a phone has a limited focal length. A DSLR camera gives you the power to blur out the background and compress faces for a more pleasing look.

The smartphone will take a nice family snapshot but the background can often distract from the subjects. A longer zoom lens on a DSLR will make the background soft and draw attention to their faces.

Low Light Scenes

Don’t miss another birthday celebration or indoor show with your smartphone. A DSLR can handle these low light situations and deliver beautiful photos. [Don’t forget that a sturdy tripod is critical for high-quality low-light work.—DS]

Smartphones can have trouble with exposure when you are in a low light scene. A DSLR will bring you close to the action with a breathtaking exposure in low light.

Close-Up Photos

Sometimes the beautiful scenes you shoot with your phone can start to all look the same. For variety in your photos, use a DSLR for close-up pictures.

This is a beautiful landscape from a smartphone, but you are limited by the lens for other photos. A longer zoom lens or macro lens on a DSLR can deliver a stunning close-up photo for variety.

Night Photos

Getting your camera out at night can deliver interesting photos from memorable events. A DSLR will deliver on exposure, and provide a strong flash to light your subject. [Click here to read our in-depth guide to night photography.—DS]

Night photos are tough when your smartphone is trying to expose for everything. A DSLR can expose for your subject while still balancing out the rest of your night photo.

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