Thinking about a new Panasonic? Save an extra $300 when you Trade In/Lumix It Up! But hurry…

If you have a DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera which you’re not completely happy with but can’t justify replacing a working camera, you may just be in luck. From now through June 17th, we’ll take an additional $300 off of select Panasonic cameras (the G9, GH5, and GH5s) when you bring yours in to trade.

In case that wasn’t clear, that’s $300 in addition to whatever the trade-in value of the camera is. If you have an older camera, anything over $300 would be a great sale! If you’ve got something newer which hasn’t quite fit the bill for you, your total trade-in value will increase accordingly. Not bad! Here are a few rules:

  • Make sure to bring a battery and charger as well, to maximize the trade-in value.
  • The extra $300 savings can only be applied to the Panasonic Lumix G9, GH5, or GH5s camera bodies.
  • Each customer may only receive one rebate, regardless of the number of cameras purchased or submitted for trade-in. Multiple working interchangeable-lens cameras may be traded in for credit, at the store manager’s discretion, but only one bonus rebate will apply.

Now the fun stuff: what could you find yourself shooting?

  • The Lumix G9: Panasonic’s top still-oriented camera, the 20 MP G9 can shoot bursts at 20 FPS, offers a top-plate LCD (more familiar to still shooters) and a sensor-shift ultra-high-resolution mode (80 MP) driven by the image stabilization system. The G9 runs $1699.99.
  • The Lumix GH5: The flagship of Panasonic’s mirrorless system, the GH5 is a hybrid still/video beast with a 20 MP sensor that captures 4K/60P footage with no crop, shoots in V-LogL, and even supports XLR microphone inputs (with an adapter). The GH5 is $1999.99.
  • The Lumix GH5s: Based on the GH5 but significantly more specialized for videography, the GH5s sports an ultra-sensitive 10.2 MP sensor with dual processing modes, one optimized to improve dynamic range from ISO 160-640 and one optimized to reduce noise from ISO 800-204,800, among other video-centric features. The GH5s is $2499.99.

This promo is kicking in just in time for Mother’s Day, graduation season, and coincides with our annual Colorado Warehouse Clearance Tent Sale, happening this weekend (May 11th-13th) in Boulder and the 18th-20th in Colorado Springs. (California—you already got yours!) There’s no better time, if these are the cameras you’re looking for! See you soon…

PS—If you’re interested in a used camera, watch your local Mike’s Camera store. We should be getting quite a few cameras in to sell in the next fe weeks.

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