The Olympus E-PL9: Always Working, Never In Your Way

At long last, the Olympus E-PL9 is available in the USA, and we’ve got them! Come on in to one of our stores and see if it’s the right fit for you, or buy online here. Presenting…

The E-PL9 brings a number of improvements to its predecessor, 2016’s E-PL8. Let’s see what’s cool about this camera!

The E-PL9 fleet, in pearl, honey, & onyx.


Olympus has not been shy about targeting travelers and Instagram enthusiasts who take a lot of self-portraits. The screen flips down a full 180º, which allows you to see what you’re framing and automagically engages the Self-Portrait mode. In Self-Portrait mode, the touch screen gets new buttons for special portrait effects (e.g. skin smoothing, warm tones) and a custom self-timer that lets you shoot a succession of three photos, kind of like a photo booth.

Always working

In addition to the now-familiar WiFi capability of the camera, the E-PL9 adds a Bluetooth radio, which allows it to not only keep a low-power connection to your phone or tablet but also transfer images while the camera is switched off and put back in your bag! No more fiddly reconnections or standing around waiting on the WiFi.

Never in your way

Continuing to cater to Instagrammers and other folk-tographers on the go, the E-PL9 adds a variety of fresh art filters and the Advanced Photo mode. Advanced Photo mode reframes technical values and settings in terms of their effects on the photos, so it’s as simple as can be to get better photos.

Menus in all modes are clear, informative, and designed to be extremely easy to navigate. Creative modes and intuitive sliders make traditional tweaks easy to digest for the less-familiar. You can even access a variety of How-To videos on the free Ol.Share app to help you use your camera to its utmost. Before you know it, you’ll be out of Auto and into awesome.

Completing the accessibility trifecta of modes, menus, and body design, the newest arrangement allows for an integrated flash and a much more generous grip than that of PENs past.

Power to the people

While the way the E-PL9 stands out is its ease of use, it would be pointless if that ease sacrificed the quality of the technology within the wrapper. Fortunately, there’s enough to satisfy a great deal of photographic needs under the hood of this camera. The sensor provides 16 MP stills (plenty for mid-size and even some larger sized prints) and shoots 4K video at 30fps. The new sensor has 121 autofocus points (up from 81) and is stabilized in-body for reduced hand shake regardless of lens choice—and, of course, you get access to the entire Micro Four Thirds lens system.

Check it out!

Intrigued? All of our locations will have all three colors available as a kit with the ultra-thin, ultra-light 14-42mm EZ pancake zoom, starting today. But hurry—stock is limited! If you’re already sure, you can order online here.


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