Gift wrap for a good cause

I am delighted to report that Mike’s Camera has partnered with local Girl Scout troops in the Front Range to provide you with a shortcut to fewer worries for the holidays and them with a great combination fundraiser/outreach program.

On several dates in several stores this December, enterprising young Scouts will be offering guilt-free, cost-free gift-wrapping for any gifts bought in our stores. Mike’s will provide the wrapping material, attendant supplies, and (of course) the gift items; they will provide service and smiles.

For your part, you can provide commensurate holiday cheer, and—if you are able—donations to support their troops. They’re happy to make life a little better for everyone, but anything to help their other sundry projects will be greatly appreciated. The Scouts experience teaches young ladies about adventure, supporting local communities, leadership, friendship, and a lot more, so we hope that (again, only if you are comfortably able) you’ll chip in a little to help ’em out.

This may not be the final list of dates, so be sure and check back here for the latest schedule.

Saturday, December 2ndBoulder, all dayAlisha James, Troop 76091
Sunday, December 3rdBoulder, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.Alisha James, Troop 76091
Saturday, December 9thDenver, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.Sully Osorio, Troop 67711
Saturday, December 9thLone Tree, all dayJessica May, Troop 65878
Sunday, December 10thLone Tree, all dayJessica May, Troop 65878
Thursday, December 16thBoulder, all dayMelissa Rish, Troop 77914
Thursday, December 16thLone Tree, all dayEllie Barry, Troop 65857
Thursday, December 16thDenver, all dayRachel Merkel, Troop 66711
Thursday, December 16thColorado Springs, all dayKaty Branch, Troop 46301
Friday, December 17thBoulder, all dayMelissa Rish, Troop 77914
Friday, December 17thLone Tree, all dayEllie Barry, Troop 65857
Saturday, December 23rdDenver, all dayRachel Merkel, Troop 66711

Watch this space for more dates!

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