Save up to $100 per Gather Box all month

There’s no feeling quite like the one you get while watching a box full of many, many little things (a box which isn’t exactly sealed) as it slowly starts to slide off of its precarious perch across the room. The same intuitive math that told you earlier that this was going to happen also tells you that there’s no way you’ll reach it in time, especially as tired as you are, so you just watch as the situation plays itself out.

Crrrrrrrr… rrr… ASH.

You sigh deeply, helplessly considering the hundreds (thousands?) of 4×6 prints now mixed throughout the surrounding piles of tax records, promotional pencils, printed email joke chains, and more. There’s little more precious in the house, probably, but you’re so swamped with the physicality of everything around you that the burden is more palpable than it normally would be.

Still, how many years has it been since you’ve seen any of these old photos? Would you have even seen them now if you weren’t helping mom make such a big move? Have your brothers ever seen them? Looks like maybe mom had some highlights on top—the first few you pick up tear deeper than you’d have thought the whole box could have.

‘There is no way these deserve to hide like this,’ you think to yourself. ‘And how great would it be to go through them all again with mom, while she can tell us all the secret histories behind them?’

Halfway realigned into the realm of reminiscence, your irritation is all but gone as a plan begins to form…

This September, we’re taking $50 off the basic Gather Box service and $100 off the Gather Box Gold service. There’s no more economical way to make a high-quality archive of a large quantity of photos. Each Gather Box will hold approximately 1500 4×6 photos. Standard service includes 300 ppi scans (suitable for same-size reproduction) while Gold offers 600 ppi scans (higher quality suitable for enlargements and more detailed archival quiality). This deal is only available in-store, so hurry down to a Mike’s Camera near you and pick up a few boxes today!


  1. 1. How many photos can I submit for scanning with the BASIC or GOLD Gather Box services?
    2. Most of my photos are 4X6 but their are a few odd large and smaller sized photos. How does that affect cost?

    1. Howdy, Paul. Each Gather Box’s interior is 12″ x 9″ x 4″. Both services are for digitization of every photo in the box. The box will fit approximately 1500 4×6 prints, but if you have larger prints, it may be fewer (and vice versa—if you have some smaller prints, you will be able to fit a larger number of photos). The cost is the same no matter what—if it fits, we’ll scan it!

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