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You haven’t actually seen this photo in years, and now here it is, practically wall-size.

“I know it’s a little late for Father’s Day,” your son is saying, “but I only just found those slides and there wasn’t time to get them scanned before then. You remember when we picked up the old yard games from when I was a kid? Turns out I accidentally grabbed a carousel with them. I am not going to take the blame for your not being able to find them all those years, but I hope this makes up for stealing them for the last few months.”

You remember that weekend—the Danube—a sky bluer than you’ve ever seen—music, drifting over the green and brown farmland. Here it is, almost life-size, temporal sediment dismissed summarily—wisps of hair on an uncreased face, swept aside in embrace of sheets long gone to who-knows-where. This one you remember: you always thought those shadows on the bridge would have made excellent details for a painting. One of the best photos you think you’ve ever taken, in fact, and now…

here it is. Perfectly heart-sized. Stretched around bars, artfully textured, essentially the painting you always pictured in your head. Tears well. It certainly makes up for a little unintentional run-around.

Canvas prints offer a timeless, professional presentation for the best images of the best. All July, take 20% off of our canvas printing services. Use code 855 online or visit a Mike’s Camera near you! Film scans not included, but certainly available!

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