Save on vibrant, head-turning metal prints as spring sets in

Your eyes dance across the screen array, reflecting dim light. Gary Numan’s debut album plays as you review the almost-final versions of your favorite images from last weekend.

“Beautiful,” you mutter, almost unconsciously. The last shoot was one for your personal history books. You got to work with one of your favorite models in one of your favorite locations. The weather and lighting were simply divine. Editing has gone smoothly—you had moments of inspiration like you’ve never had before. These images might just be the best ones you’ve ever captured. You might even know someone who’ll give you a space to show them.

One big question remains: how should you display them? These are so striking (if you may say so yourself) that they deserve something a little… different. Something gleaming and modern. Something crisp and saturated.

The sound of metal: I want to be… you…”

EUREKA! You imagine how eye-catching these photos will look on huge aluminum panels, floating slightly away from the wall. ‘That’ll look great in that gallery, too, with that industrial look,’ you think. And didn’t you see an email…?

A few hasty clicks later and you find that your memory did, indeed, serve you. Mike’s Camera is offering 20% off on metal prints all month! What luck—you won’t even have to pick and choose to stay in budget this time, and you know you can trust the quality of their production.

Boy, oh boy, you can’t wait to see how these turn out!

All April, get a great price on the deluxe treatment for your images. Online or in-store, save a full 20% on all metal prints. Visit a Mike’s Camera near you to take advantage of this super deal, or CLICK HERE to start your order and use code 855. We offer a variety of finishing options, sizes, and templates. Browse away through our options, or click here for a more thorough explanation of the customizations available to you (e.g. corner rounding, matte/glossy, etc.). High quality aluminum prints are a fabulous, color-rich way to display your very best images—don’t miss out on this super duper deal!

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