Who’s ready to CLEAR. YOUR. PHONE?!

“You have to see these photos!”

You’ve heard it before from other people. You reach for your glasses and muster a half-smile. Your buddy just went to Armenia and you’re stoked to see how it went, but you’re so burnt out on squinting at someone’s phone (why is it always either way too bright or impossibly dark?) and you’d almost rather wait until she posts the highlights online—at least then you’d be able to flip through them at your own pace, avoiding the awkward dance required to sync the other person’s swiping speed with your own intake speed. (Spoiler alert: it never does.) You’re not quite old enough to have experienced carousels of vacation slides but just the right age to remember flipping through the prints, freshly returned from the lab, and laughing with friends reliving their experiences right alongside you. Build up enough of them and you would need some albums, if you’re organized, or—

—”Is that a shoebox full of real photos?” You can’t believe your eyes.

“It sure is!” your friend says, lifting the lid with a flourish. “Let’s dig in! I even got a few extras of the ones I really want to share. ‘A photo’s not a photo unless you can hold it in your hands,’ as I always say.”

Now you’re sure: you really do have to see these photos.

All March, dive headlong into the indulgence of printed photos without reserve. Online or in-store, get 100 4×6 prints for only $15. That’s a dime and a nickel each for archival quality lab prints in either matte or glossy finish! Visit a Mike’s Camera near you to take advantage of this super deal, or CLICK HERE to start your order. Just select “pay in store” and we’ll take care of the discount when you pick up. Don’t let your spectacular images rot on your phone, hard drive, or somewhere way off in the cloud! Must be ordered in quantities of 100—if you find yourself a little short, take a moment to ponder how the images special to you might be special to your loved ones, too.       


  1. “You’re not quite old enough to have experienced carousels of vacation slides…”

    I am old enough to remember those days of setting up a projector screen and loading the round carousels of slides along with numbered post-it notes as to ensure that the carriers are loaded in the correct order. In the 1980’s when I was a child, slides were a favorite for sharing vacation photos with friends and family.

    Thanks for reminding me how old I am. Lol. 🙂

    1. Don’t worry, that was just a rhetorical “you.” We know plenty of folks in our community have PLENTY of experience with slides (heck, many of us do, too). Thanks for contributing a picture (ha!) of your physical experience of sharing photography.

  2. I am trying and trying to download pictures with your Service Code 357 for the Youngfied store located.
    Being rather upset with this process. Have put pictures in the Dropbox and still NOT able to proceed with this order.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time! If you’d like someone to walk you through it, feel free to call the Wheat Ridge store tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Their number is (303) 424-0430. I can also try to help you if you provide a little more information. Am I correct that you’re attempting to upload pictures to create something, and are not able to successfully do so? I’m not sure what you mean by service code 357. Again, sorry about any frustration—we’ll get you taken care of.

    1. Oh—I think I understand. That’s the code the employees in-store can use to apply the discount. Just select “pay in store” and they will take care of it. Just be sure to place the order today!

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