Relive your family’s best moments; this January, we’re archiving again

This month’s special prices on imaging services are transferring video tapes to digital and scanning 35mm film strips. You already know that we’re obsessed with helping you produce high quality, well-presented imagery—at least, you should!—but we think it’s important to highlight the ways we can help you archive images and video from the days of yore. Digitizing physical media creates an easy-to-duplicate backup, and in a way these formless files are more enduring than the original. (Plus, they’re a lot easier to share on throwback Thursdays.)

Over the years, it can be surprisingly easy for the details to slip away, but it seems tricky to make time to go back end enjoy the records you spend so much time creating. Format conversion is a milestone that gives you permission to take a break from moving forward and enjoy a stroll down memory lane. Read on for the full scoop!

Our video lab is capable of digitizing almost any home video tape or movie film format, and through the 31st we’ll do any tape up to two hours in length for only $29.00. That’s even cheaper than our normal rate for a one hour tape, and on a two hour tape you’re saving $26.00!

  • Includes VHS, VHC-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, and HDV tapes
  • Receive a playable DVD

For obvious reasons, this deal is available in-store only, but you can leave your tapes at any of our locations to initiate their loving conversion.

When most folks think of film, they think of 35mm. It’s by far the most popular size in use today, and odds are good that any film photographer has gone through a lot of it. It can be daunting to approach a notebook full of pages and pages of cut strips, but leaving it be would mean missing out on all the treasure contained within.

If you’re faced with just such a problem, this is your lucky break. Ordinarily, our standard scans start at $3.00 per strip, but this month, we’ll drop even lower than our best quantity-discounted price and scan 35mm strips for a single dollar each, no matter how many or how few. A couple clarifying notes:

  • Only strips of 35mm film containing 3-6 frames are eligible (single-cut negs and mounted slides are not eligible)
  • Both negative and positive (slide) film stocks are welcome

All clear? Grab those binders and get on over to your local Mike’s Camera, posthaste!

Preserving the history and the art created by you and/or your family will allow generations yet unborn to enjoy the fruits of the past, but it’s a powerful tool to use within a lifetime as well. When the inexorable march of years takes its toll and the people and places that seemed infinitely enduring are simply not there anymore, those old tapes and slides might just be the only thing left. I’ve certainly taken my share of solace in photos and videos, and I fervently hope that I’ve helped bring that solace to others, as well.

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