Get ready for the fall Photo & Video Expo

It’s coming, it’s coming! We’re having our annual Photo & Video Expo a little earlier this year. Join us on Halloween weekend for super savings, contests, exclusive in-store-only deals, and (of course!) the opportunity to meet and learn directly from manufacturer reps. Take note: even though the reps can only be in one place at a time, the savings are valid at all of our stores, October 29–31!

Click the headings for more details! Click here to check out all the specials in our ad!


That’s right—we’ve got goodies to give. Every purchase gets you entered automatically, or you can ask to be entered in the drawing for free. We’ll be sending fourteen lucky winners home with…

  • Ten $250 Mike’s Camera gift cards (one per store)
  • Two Smith Victor SPS707 Studio Podcast System (one per state)
  • Two Ultrasone PRO 780i headphones (one per state)

Our Photo & Video Expo is always a special time, and since we’re kicking off the holidays with it this year, we thought a few gifts would be appropriate.

  • Take home a Canon sling bag with any Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera.
  • Purchase any reloadable film camera and one roll of film and we’ll develop and scan it for free!
  • Buy binoculars? BOOM—free lens cleaning cloth.

People ask us all the time if we take trade-ins, and the answer is “Yes!” We’ll be ready to help you upgrade all weekend long, and we try to make it easy. Grab your camera and as many of its accoutrements as possible—cables, manual, even the box (if you still have it), and come on in.

The camera must be fully-functioning, and it must include a battery and charger at minimum. There is a loophole, however! If you’ve lost the battery or charger but it’s one that we have in-stock, we can still offer a (reduced) trade-in value.

Any gear that we accept can then be traded in for an agreed upon amount, in the form of either credit towards a purchase at the time of the trade-in or a Mike’s Camera gift card for a future purchase.


Valid in ALL locations, ALL weekend!

50% savings

20% savings

10% savings

And Much More!!!


Get ACCESSORY BUCKS for same-day use with new camera or lens purchases! BUCKS can be applied to any non-serial-numbered accessory purchase of equal or greater value (sorry, no change given on inexpensive accessories).

You spend…You get…
$250–$49920 BUCKS
$500–$99940 BUCKS
$1,000–$1,99975 BUCKS
$2,000 or more100 BUCKS

Get BONUS BUCKS for future purchases with purchase of any Tamron lens!


We’re starting our November “Pick of the Month” deals early for Expo attendees. Get way ahead of the game and relieve some future stress, at a great price!


Greeting cards are an integral part of the joyful spirit of the season. This is still—maybe even especially—true in the age of social media. If you need more convincing, click here for seven solid reasons to send real cards this year. Your friends and family will thank you, trust me! Get ’em done now and your loved ones get to enjoy them longer, before the new year triggers the clean-up.


Custom ornaments can be an annual tradition or a way to celebrate special events like births, marriages, new homes, and more. Even memorializing a loved one who has passed on with an ornament can be a small but special way to keep them a part of your holiday gatherings. We offer custom ornaments in four shapes and two materials, and you can completely customize them or take advantage of one of many festive templates. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find just the right way to materialize your vision


Last but not least, one of the most fun and enduring features of our Expos: we’ll be hosting friends representing many of the manufacturers we carry (and whose products you enjoy). This is a unique opportunity to get advice and talk shop with some of the most specifically knowledgeable people in the world! Check out the schedule below while you plan your visit.


Canon Oct. 29 • Boulder
Tyler BeckOct. 30 • Denver
Oct. 31 • Lone Tree
NikonOct. 29 • Denver
Michael DionneOct. 30 • Boulder
Oct. 31 • Lone Tree
OlympusOct. 29 • Boulder
Michael AmicoOct. 30 • Denver
PanasonicOct. 29 • Lone Tree
Matt FrazierOct. 30 • Boulder
Peak Design Oct. 29 • Boulder
Chuck NewellOct. 30 • Lone Tree
Oct. 31 • Denver
Savage LightingOct. 29 • Lone Tree
Tim HansenOct. 30 • Denver
Oct. 31 • Boulder
Sony Oct. 29 • Denver
Ashley OndricekOct. 30 • Lone Tree
Oct. 31 • Boulder
Tamron Oct. 27 • Arvada
Marc MorrisOct. 28 • Co. Springs
Oct. 29 • Lone Tree
Oct. 30 • Boulder
Oct. 31 • Denver


CanonOct. 29 • Sacramento
Peter LeeOct. 30 • Dublin
Oct. 31 • Menlo Park
DelkinOct. 29 • Menlo Park
Scott ClarkOct. 30 • Sacramento
FujifilmOct. 29 • Menlo Park
Luis NavarroOct. 30 • Dublin
NikonOct. 29 • Dublin
Jeff MitchellOct. 30 • Menlo Park
Oct. 31 • Sacramento
OlympusOct. 29 • Sacramento
Pete Rubino,Mishalla
PanasonicOct. 29 • Dublin
Robert SilverOct. 30 • Sacramento
Oct. 31 • Menlo Park
SonyOct. 29 • Dublin
Dave RhodesOct. 30 • Menlo Park
Oct. 31 • Sacramento


    1. Not this time, unfortunately! Every rep’s schedule has been stretched to the limit ever since they started making visits again.

  1. And my choices are an hour to two hours away in non rush hour traffic. Our local store has held events in the past, and yes they are a smaller store.

    1. I’m sorry we couldn’t cover all of our stores, Diane! We would have loved to, but reps are still much harder to wrangle than they used to be.

  2. What time ? … will Olympus rep Pete Rubino … be at the Sacramento store … on October 29 ?

  3. It is extremely inconvenient for customers to have to make two long drives to your store to enable them to meet with two different company reps. It is impossible to compare two different products at the same time when reps are not there simultaneously, as it was in the past. I probably will not go to your expo since I can’t make the comparison. Your stores do not have all of the current models in stock, so going when the rep is not there also makes comparison impossible. As one of the few camera dealers still in business couldn’t Mike’s demand that the reps all be there at the same time.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re frustrated, Stanley, and I do understand the issue. Unfortunately, while I appreciate your recognition of our status in the industry, we can not simply “make it so.” The demand for rep visits is as high as the supply is short! If you have specific models in mind, maybe the store you frequent could transfer some in from another location, if they are perhaps in stock there, so you can compare them?

  4. Am I reading the schedule correctly, – there will be no Tamron or Sigma reps for the Expo in your CA stores?

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