Level up your style with a $100 trade-in bonus toward a Nikon Z fc

If you’re not already aware of the absolutely rad Nikon Z fc, you can read all about it here. If you are, there’s a good chance you’ve pondered picking one up for your own pack—and if you’re still pondering, I have great news for you!

Through the end of this month (that’s August, 2021, to be clear), we’re adding a $100 bonus to the value of any trade-in toward a new Z fc. (And you’ll still get our famous Perfect Picture Pak, too!) Here’s how it works.

  1. Bring any working camera to your neighborhood Mike’s Camera.
  2. One of our experts will determine a trade-in value for the camera. (Read about that process here.)
  3. Buy a Nikon Z fc, body-only or one of the available kits.
  4. Take the normal trade-in value plus the $100 trade-in bonus off of the price of the camera.
  5. Shoot amazing photos, then come back and print them. 

Remember, that bonus is only going to be added through August 31st, so make haste to a Mike’s Camera near you. This offer is only good in store, but you can compare the available kits below…

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