August again? Archive away!

It’s that time of year: when alliterative association reminds us that a little attention given to preserving memories goes a long way. In the spotlight this month: converting your old (or new) video tapes to digital and rescuing prints in peril.

Simply holding onto photos isn’t always quite enough. Time, damage, and life changes all have their impacts, and sometimes even the most important images need a little extra attention. Whether the problem is discoloration, cracking, fading, tearing—even if you just wish someone wasn’t in a particular picture—if it can be done, we can probably do it.

And, just because we want to be the ones to help you out, we’ll provide restoration services for 20% less than usual all August. For your most precious memories, it’s a small cost to pay to rescue them from the brink of destruction. I’ve seen folks laugh, I’ve seen folks gasp, and I’ve even seen them cry when they saw irreplaceable photos returned to their original glory.

Click here for more information, or go ahead and bring your images in to any of our locations and we’ll get to work on the magic.

As an avid collector of physically-released music, believe me—I appreciate the analogue. That being said, there are quite a few reasons to also have digital versions of these media. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The most dire reason is the threat of slow deterioration and eventual loss of priceless family history, especially in the case of magnetic media like VHS tapes. Digitizing those tapes gives you an easy-to-duplicate backup, and in a way these formless files are more enduring than the original. (Plus, they’re a lot easier to share.)

Revive your college art films or relive your favorite vacations with full sound and motion—whatever you do, don’t let price stop you from letting us rescue your irreplaceable treasures. Our video lab is capable of digitizing almost any home video tape or movie film format, and through the 31st we’ll do any tape up to two hours in length for only $29.00. That’s even cheaper than our normal rate for a one hour tape, and on a two hour tape you’re saving $21.00!

For obvious reasons, this deal is available in-store only, but you can click here to learn more about our services. Leave your tapes at any of our locations to initiate their loving conversion.

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