July’s imaging specials put big prints for your walls and safekeeping for your negatives in the spotlight

A new month means two fresh opportunities to improve your imaging experience. As is often the case, we have one special price on new production and one on archiving the images you’ve already produced. Without further ado…

What’s the largest print you’ve ever made? While the jump from the hard drive (or negative album) to the physical world is probably the biggest experiential shift, there’s also a huge difference between scrapbook-sized prints and those ready to be a centerpiece in your wall display. Seeing a photo of which you are very proud printed at gallery scale is an experience that every enthusiast should enjoy. If you haven’t yet done so, this opportunity—to make any photo print larger than 16×20 for 20% less—is the perfect time to give it a try. (Yes, you do have something good enough to deserve it!) If you are already familiar with this particular joy, then you surely recognize the truth of these words, and I won’t have to convince you to start digging through your catalog. 😉 Use coupon code 897, in-store or online.

35mm is by far the most popular size of film in use today, and whether you’ve been capturing images on film for fifty years or you’re just trained by the digital age to capture in high volume, it’s very easy to quickly accumulate a plethora of precious images waiting patiently in binders to be employed in some higher task. It can be daunting to approach a notebook full of pages and pages of cut strips, but not doing so would mean missing out on all the treasure contained within. What to do? Where to start?

Scanning film is a great way to get a handle on an analog overload. Not only do scans enable you to use your images in almost infinite ways, it’s also a great way to ensure you have backups in case something happens to the original film strips. Ordinarily, our standard scans start at $3.00 per strip, but this month, we’ll drop even lower than our best quantity-discounted price and scan 35mm strips for a single dollar each, no matter how many or how few. A couple clarifying notes:

  • Only strips of 35mm film containing 3-6 frames are eligible (single-cut negs and mounted slides are not eligible)
  • Both negative and positive (slide) film stocks are welcome

All clear? Grab those binders and get on over to your local Mike’s Camera, posthaste! This deal is, of course, in-store only.

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