Preserve special prints and make new ones with this month’s imaging picks

I hope you got your fill of inexpensive tape transfers and film strip scans, because those deals are outta here! It’s a new month and that means we’re highlighting a new set of the imaging services we provide with delightful discounts. If you already know and love them, this is just a great deal; if this is your introduction, then there’s no better time to give something new a shot.

These offers are good in-store only, so make a little time to visit your local Mike’s Camera to take advantage of these offers. (And don’t forget that it’s the shortest month of the year—it’s gonna go fast.)

Giclée prints are still the gold standard for traditional art prints. If you want to put something in a nice frame—especially if it’s too large for silver halide—it’s probably going to be giclée! Our fine art prints are available on a variety of top-quality papers, printed using pigment inks rated to last 200 years, and (for this month only) available for 20% less than our normal pricing. Treat your favorite shots to a premium, museum-quality presentation and enjoy them for years to come!

Of all the things we do in our labs, preserving whole archives of family history may be the most gratifying. A disc full of jpegs can be so much more accessible to folks these days than hundreds (or thousands) of prints in shoe boxes, not least because it’s easy to give copies to everyone in the family.

The Gather Box makes the process of digitizing those piles of prints super simple: you buy the box, fill the box, return the box, and voila—a few weeks later your photos will be ready to pick up, accompanied by a disc or USB drive full of digital versions of each image. They never have to leave the building, so you don’t have to worry about your archive disappearing in the mail.

Each Gather Box holds approximately 1,500 4×6 photos, but you might fit more (or fewer) depending on the size of your prints. Each image will be suitable for reproduction at the same size, or you can upgrade to a Gather Box Gold for images that can be enlarged up to four times as large.

For the month of February only, get one or more Basic Gather Boxes for $199 each, or Gold Gather Boxes for only $249. Click here to learn more, then come on in to load up. There’s no time limit, so if you’re not ready to pack your boxes right away, you can still take advantage of the promotion now. (Hot tip: that also makes a Gather Box a great gift for a historically-minded friend or relative.)

The Gather Box service is meant only for prints. For a great value on slide scanning, check out our mail-in services for up to 25 slides or up to 100 slides (best value).

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