Cards, calendars, and ornaments are STILL 20% off

December 1st. Hard to believe it’s here already, you think to yourself as you flip to the last page of the incredibly useful, beautifully-printed 2020 calendar you had done at Mike’s Camera. What a great gift that made for everyone in the family! What a great gift it will make again with this year’s…

Your jaw drops, allowing a breathless “oh, no!” to escape. You’ve just remembered that not only calendars, but custom-printed cards and unique holiday ornaments were 20% off all of November. You kept telling yourself you’d get to putting in your annual order while you could take advantage of the sale, kept telling yourself you’d spend an evening browsing the new designs available on, but you kept putting it off, and now you realize you’re going to have to pay the price.

…or will you? As a procrastinator myself—my wife and I typically end up sending New Year’s cards—I am pleased to report that we have extended the sale.

Come one, come all, and save a cool 20% on customized ornaments, cards, and calendars through December 24th. Click the links below to browse our selection online (use discount code 811 at checkout) or stop by one of our locations for expert guidance. Just be sure to budget extra time, as we are operating at a reduced capacity to ensure we can serve you safely.

Don’t forget to browse our 2020 Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for the imaging fanatic in your life while you’re at it!

Click the image for cards, click HERE for calendars

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