Cards & calendars are 30% off all month

“To be prepared,” Miguel de Cervantes once said, “is half the victory.” For all you well-prepared folks out there, the complementary half of this month’s victory is a great price on some of our favorite end-of-year traditions: custom-printed greeting cards and calendars.

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Watching the side of my parents’ fridge fill up with Christmas cards was always an integral part of the feel of the holiday season for me. Seeing how loved ones would choose to distill the year was always a joy, and cards from distant friends of the family would inevitably bring up new stories from my parents about their lives before I came around. While I am rarely prepared enough to take advantage of early bird sales like the one happening now—my wife and I are more prone to sending New Year’s cards—it remains a pure force of togetherness. (Yes, even in the age of social media! Read this for seven solid reasons to send real cards this year.)

Whether you want to use your savings to order 30% more cards, try a fancy card style (like the accordion or die-cut options), upgrade to a specialty paper stock, or just stretch your budget a little further, now is the best time to order this year’s seasonal cards. Come visit us in-store or click here to order online using discount code 810 and get greeting!

Enter code 884 at checkout to save!

Of course, there’s a certain bittersweetness inherent in displaying greeting cards, which is that, eventually, they must come down. You know what doesn’t have to come down for a long time? Custom calendars! Those things will (literally) hang around all year.

Kidding aside, there’s something really cool about the way people and places from the past can be a part of the process of making new memories, all year. Whether you want a little desk calendar, a big 12×12 wall calendar, or a one-sheet for easy date referencing, we can make it happen and make it yours. These make great, affordable gifts, too, with a level of potential emotional resonance that is unbeatable at this price point. Just be ready to make it an annual thing: my wife started making calendars of her fine art photography a few years ago, and now there are a dozen or so folks that would beat down our door if we missed a year!

Click here to start your design online—just use discount code 884 at checkout. If you’d prefer, you can come into any of our locations and our imaging experts will gladly assist you in perfecting your creation.

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