September savings on photo books and film prints

A new month means that there are new ways to save a few bucks on the imaging services we know you crave. Whether you want to try something new or fit a long-planned project into a tighter budget, you’re keeping an eye on the right blog! Without further ado, here are this month’s special prices…

Day after day, photographers prove to us and to the world that film is definitely not dead. (In fact, one of the most popular articles of all time on this very blog is this one about choosing the right black and white film.) There’s just a certain something to the analog experience which can’t be replicated, even if you’re digitizing the images you shoot.

We’ve found that most people get either scans or prints, however, despite the fact that both are wonderful to have in different ways. This month, you can have your prints and email them too, for a flat rate of $3 in addition to the normal develop and scan price. Depending on the type and length of film, that could be a savings of up to $14.28! If you’re normally a print person, you can enjoy the convenience of sending immediate proofs to anyone interested, throwing your best shots on Instagram, or getting creative in the digital darkroom. If you’re normally a scan-only person, it’s a great opportunity to explore the realm of physical media.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in screen-land, but it really is true that an image isn’t a photo until you can hold it in your hand.

Just bring your rolls in to your local Mike’s Camera and we’ll get you taken care of, or—if you’d prefer—you can try our mail-in film development service.

If you’ve already taken the images, on the other hand, and are looking for a way to give them the presentation they deserve, this deal’s for you. We’ll take a whopping 35% off of all of our photo book services, from simple staple-bound softcovers to luxury metallic lay-flat albums.

Why print a book? Simply put, they capture an experience in a complete way which a stack of photos or a Facebook album simply can’t measure up to. You can collage photos that work better en masse than individually, just as you can highlight a particularly spectacular moment with a full page print. You can also add explanatory or otherwise supporting text and set a mood with creative backgrounds.

I opted for one of those luxury lay-flat albums I mentioned above for my wedding photos and I am so grateful to have had the ability to do so. Not only do I feel as if I re-lived the whole weekend every time I flip through it, we also get comments to that effect from our parents once in a while when they pull out their own copies! There’s no better way to enshrine an event, in my opinion.

Click here to explore your options and start designing! Just make sure you select the “pay in store” option so we can apply the discount. If you’d like a little guidance, you are always welcome to design your book in-store where our imaging specialists can help you craft something that will be enjoyable for years to come.

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