EXCLUSIVE Tamron trade-in bonuses toward lenses for Sony FE

Cameras come and cameras go, but good glass can last forever! The quality of your images depends on the quality of the material through which light passes on its way to your sensor. Using a different lens also also offers, quite literally, a different perspective. For someone who tends to gravitate toward telephoto lens, trying out a wide-angle lens is a great exercise for your image-making mind, and vice versa. Similarly, the experience of using a fixed focal length is totally different from using an all-in-one zoom is totally different. There are few easier ways to jump-start your creativity than forcing yourself to look at the world in a whole new way!

If you’re a Sony shooter—or maybe thinking about switching—now is a great time to try something new. Tamron is offering a minimum trade-in value of $100 for any working camera or lens with Canon, Nikon, or Sony mount when you use it to buy a Tamron FE-mount lens. That means you can jump to an incredible, cutting-edge lens from just about anything at an unbeatable price. (Of course, if your lens is worth more than $100, you can trade it in for that full value! You can read more about our normal trade-in process here.) The best part is that this is a deal exclusive to specialty retailers like Mike’s Camera—you can save some cash money and support a favorite small business in one fell swoop.

Take a gander at the eligible lenses below, decide which one matches your needs, and head on in to your local Mike’s Camera to get top dollar for that lens you never use anymore. Not sure which one is just right for you? Our salespeople are experts at bringing gear, people, and purpose into perfect alignment. Give us a call or stop by today.

Tamron FE-mount zoom lenses

Tamron FE-mount prime lenses


  1. Does this offer extend to older Minolta lenses and 35mm bodies? Changed from Minolta to Sony in going digital.

    1. Howdy, Donald! I think that still counts as a Sony mount. Bring it in and we’ll take care of you.

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