Top Ten Photo Gifts for 2019

New speakers and spice sets are cool, no doubt, but if you’re looking for a gift that will pierce right into the heart of your recipient, you’ll need to tap into the power of memory and shared personal history. Look no further than a customized photo gift to express your appreciation for a meaningful connection with a loved one.

But, what to choose? I like to say that if something can be printed on, we can print on it, but choice like that can be a little overwhelming. Here are our top ten picks for personalized photo gifts—some tried & true, some exciting & new! (And if you need a little design help, we’ll be happy to assist.)

The Gather Box

This is the kind of gift that makes the whole family’s Christmas. Preserve your history and make it easy to share copies. Laugh and cry as you relive old memories together at your holiday gathering.

Printed Coat Hanger

Hook your hat in style and spruce up any front room. Show off your Colorado pride or put a photo/design of your choosing on wood or a black-edged MDF panel.

2020 Calendars

We can print traditional, letter-sized wall calendars as well as a variety of excitingly unusual varieties. Get your loved ones prepared to take on 2020, or share your art in an affordable, useful way!


Aside from the ever-popular ceramic mugs (always a great choice!), we can put any photo or design you can come up with on water bottles, camp cups, steins, and more. Psst… don’t forget a set of personalized coasters so they don’t ruin their furniture!

Personalized Note Pads

We all know someone who won’t remember a thing without writing it down. Why not let them look at people and places they love while they do it? Or, for those with refined tastes, we can print a simple monogram.

Top-Quality Photo Books

Beautiful images on beautiful paper in a beautiful binding—from our simplest, most affordable books to our most luxurious lay-flats, you’ll take their breath away no matter the style. Immortalize a shared vacation or curate a collection of their favorite things!

Commemorative Ornaments

Holidays are an ideal opportunity to celebrate great times and Big Events with family and friends. Whether you prefer to memorialize births and weddings or simply add a new family keepsake to the tree every year, ornaments are one easy way to craft a physical record of life. Make bringing a new one home a special event for the whole family.

One-of-a-kind Onesies

I’m not trying to suggest that babies are over-size dolls, but I’ve got to say—I don’t know any parents that don’t have fun dressing their child up in fun clothes. Take the sassy sayings to the next level with personal inside jokes, let everyone know that grandma loves her grandbaby, or give those parents of quadruplets an easy way to tell the kids apart… imagination is the only limit! (That and copyright—no Disney designs, please.)

Retrospective Collage Art

I take a lot of photos. You take a lot of photos. The person you’re buying a gift for probably takes a lot of photos, too. If you’re drawing from a large pool of images, we’ve got great collage templates to help you squeeze them all in, whether you’re looking to make wall art out of a single summer or a lifetime of friendship.

Professional Framing

One of the nicest gifts my wife has given me was to have a print of my favorite painting custom-framed. It dominates the kitchen table, setting the mood for the whole room—it’s hard to overstate the magnificence a large, high-quality frame adds to any cherished image! Offer your recipient framing services for something cool you know they’ve been wishing to display, or have us print the contents as well.

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