October’s imaging specials offer a touch of opulence

“It’s not a photo until you can hold it in your hand,” as they say, but is simply being printed enough for your top shots? The more you shoot, the more pictures you’ll wind up with that deserve… something more. (Maybe this blog has even helped inspire you!) As better and better technology becomes more easily accessible, the standard for quality is inevitably higher, too.

Regular chemical prints on photo paper are timeless, look great, and are one of the best ways to archive your memories for at least a generation or two, but what’s good for most things may not be what’s best way to present your art. Why not look back through your archive, find the pics that have taken your own breath away, and see if you can do the same to your friends? You’ve got the material, and we can help you with a truly professional presentation, at a price you won’t mind paying (through October 31st only).

If you’ve tried printing on our Fine Art papers before, I won’t need to convince you of the benefits of a high-quality paper base. If you haven’t, this is the opportunity you may not have even known you were waiting for. Available in a variety of finishes (click here and scroll to “fine art prints” for more details) and sizes (standard or custom, up to at least 44″ × 96″), this is the way to print your mission-critical photos. We use regularly-calibrated plotters with archival pigments (even including 3 levels of black for ultimate monochrome richness) and offer proofing and color-match services so we can make sure that even the most critical eye will be satisfied.

If you really want to get creative with your substrate, we also offer a wide variety of prints geared towards large-scale wall display. Put your pictures on wood, canvas, metal, MDF board, or acrylic for 35% less than it would normally cost! We’ve got sizes big enough for any wall (and fun shapes, if you want to do metal), but we’ll make them small enough for a locker or desk, too, if that’s your need. Click here to order now, but don’t wait too long—when Halloween is over, so too will be these discounts!

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