10 reasons to come to our Warehouse Clearance Tent Sale

Yes! Our biggest savings event of the year—we’re talking up to 75% discounts—is practically here. (In fact, we’re starting tomorrow in Boulder!) The 2019 Warehouse Clearance Tent Sale is touring through Boulder, Colorado Springs, Sacramento, and Dublin. We’ll have deals on fun gear, pro gear, tripods, drones, bags, memory, accessories, and more—heck, you can even save on warranty protection to enable your own fearless photography!

If you’ve been to one before—we’ll see you there! If you haven’t, here are ten reasons you should make sure you don’t miss it this time.

1. Mystery gift cards for the first 20 customers

We have lines before we open every year, and sometimes we decide to spice things up a bit for the early risers. This year, the first twenty purchasing customers each day will receive a bonus gift card with that purchase. The amount will vary, but one of them will be for a full one hundred dollars! Feeling lucky?

2. FREE professional clean & checks

We’ll have certified technicians on hand in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Sacramento to do professional camera & lens cleanings with a basic assessment of operations, absolutely free. Due to high demand and limited technicians, there will be limits on the number of items cleaned, so come early to make sure you get yours.

Some restrictions apply:

  • Clean & checks only available for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony gear.
  • Clean & checks only on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Clean & checks only in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Sacramento locations.

3. AEE 4K action camera for $49.99

What more can I say? Eating out can cost more than the price we’ve got on this awesome action cam, for the Warehouse Clearance Tent Sale only! This baby can shoot UHD video as well as 120fps HD video for sloooooow motion, driven by a built-in touchscreen and including a waterproof housing. Even if you don’t need an action camera yourself, it’s a great high-tech gift that doesn’t break the bank.

4. Unbelievable savings on DSLR two-lens kits (may vary by location)

I mentioned this one in the Mother’s Day gift guide, but it bears repeating that, at least for this weekend’s Boulder sale, we’ve got the Nikon D3500 two-lens kit at its lowest price ever—$399.99, plus a FREE camera bag! We’ve also got the Canon EOS Rebel T6 two-lens kit for the same price. DSLR quality has never been more accessible, and you won’t find a more exciting day to take advantage.

Prices may change for subsequent Warehouse Clearance Tent Sales, but don’t worry—we’ll have something mind-blowing for everyone.

5. An awesome underwater compact for only $199.99

We negotiated a great price on a whole bunch of Olympus TG-870 waterproof cameras, so now you can snag one for $80 off: only $199.99, while supplies last! Speaking from experience, I can tell you it’s a game-changer to be able to take photos underwater or in risky locations—you’re going to want to check this one out.

6. FREE memory card totes!

Buy any two memory cards, get a free protective tote. The “jumbling around in one of the pockets of your bag” method works for a while, but you’re gambling against the threat of catastrophic data loss. A little protection for the most important part of photography (the pictures) goes a long way.

7. Save more than you spend on accessories

You read that right. Our DSLR value pack has everything you need to hit the ground running with a new camera, and we’re selling the whole kit for only $59.99—an $80 savings!

  • Tripod
  • 32 GB SDXC card
  • SD card protective tote
  • Deluxe camera care kit
  • Combination SD/MS card reader

8. Save up to 75% on DJI camera/video drones

This year, we’re spelling “doorbuster” D-J-I. Save 75% on select drone purchases, and get great deals on others! Aerial photography is amazingly easy, and twice as fun as you already imagine it is. Come see what we’ve got—you’re cleared for takeoff!

9. Save 20% on bone conduction headphones

Whether your style of photo trek includes long periods waiting for the perfect shot or wandering around a busy city, it helps a lot to have some entertainment along for the ride. Setting the mood with music is often essential for creating art, too (it is for me, anyway). The Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones are ideal for augmenting other activities, because they leave your ear canals open—listen to your music, keep up with podcasts, or use as a headset to make calls without dangerously blocking out the outside world. It’s kind of like adding a soundtrack to life.

I can personally vouch for their comfort and effectiveness, as can the five people who bought them after trying mine. Trust me—add the $79.99 to your Warehouse Clearance Tent Sale shopping bag.

10. FREE popcorn all day!

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll be poppin’ hot popcorn all day long! Grab a bag and browse around! It’s a fun and cordial time for photo-loving folks. Hope we’ll see you at your local Warehouse Clearance Tent Sale.

Bonus video

We recorded the entire ten-hour setup in Boulder back in 2017 and condensed it into a 15 second time-lapse video. Enjoy!


    1. Hi, Nick! Our Sacramento location is at 2200 J Street (on the corner of 22nd).

  1. Hi, Which version or kit is the 4K action cam? I see some come with the waterproof housing, some have built in wifi and Bluetooth, some are labeled silver, others Shadow, etc.

    I’d prefer to test one out and buy it locally instead of via the giant retailer.

  2. Do you have a regular location near Dublin? I work Friday and Saturday, so I have been unable to make it to any of the tent sales.

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