Half-week homework: Love

Since the feast of Lupercalia begins today Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, this week your assignment is to think about someone you love and try to capture their essence. (Single? Your relationship need not be romantic. Think of a brother, sister, parent, or pet, perhaps!)

The benefits are twofold: you get to spend time engrossed in a subject about which you care deeply, and in the end, you just might have something wonderful to adorn your life. (If you’re quick, we can still make the perfect gift item to round out any special dates you may have planned for tomorrow. Check out our custom printables here.)

This is a good opportunity to exercise your creativity. Portraits are great, but what other things are emblematic of your relationship? Take photos of those, or work them into a double-exposure project!

If you ride horses together, you could shoot two saddles hanging in the barn. For literary couples, you could take inspiration from a mutually-loved story. Pairing a photo of a beloved dog with one of his beloved toy always makes for a great presentation, as does a then-and-now pairing of a recreation of an old photo you and your partner love. The sky is literally the limit—if there’s a place that is special to both of you, you could send up a drone and make a framed print of a bird’s-eye view! (Check your local laws first, of course.)

Tell me about your successes, or lessons learned from difficulties. I’d love to see your results! Post them to our Facebook page, or to Instagram tagged with #mymikescamera #halfweekhomework. Oh, and I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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