Half-week homework: (no longer) a car

Hidden in the dark recesses of America’s queen cities and seeding the farthest outskirts across the land, yesterday’s big wheels are living out their final years in a quiet, corrosive peace. The un-precious gems color the fields dully, great iron beasts reconnecting with the earth from which their component materials were extracted long ago.

I have an absolute fascination with cars out of commission, left to rust, and a road trip is guaranteed to take longer when we happen upon a rotting hulk. They’re not as hard to find as you might think, and the picture-potential is off the charts! Just be sure to check with the likely owner if you happen to see something on private property. There are a variety of public “galleries” across the country as well, so if you’re nearby, be sure to check out their semi-curated collections. I can vouch for these ones:

  • Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth, CO (there are more beautfully preserved cars than rusting ones here—also very cool—but they’ve got a nice junkyard display)
  • Old Car City in White, GA

Recommended soundtrack: Corvair, by Jim White.

Please share any awesome shots, which you will inevitably acquire. Post ’em to our Facebook page, or post ’em on Instagram tagged #mymikescamera #halfweekhomework!

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