Half-week homework: Fellow photographers

There are certain romanticized images of the photographer—the grizzled loner seeking the sublime in the mountains, the misunderstood counter-cultural genius, someone isolated for days in the darkroom (or Lightroom)—which ignore the fact that, in most cases, photography is a richly social activity.

If you haven’t gotten together with a couple of friends to go on a photo adventure, you are missing out! The comparison of each person’s vision of the same subject is fascinating, psychologically, and playing off of each other’s creativity can take all of your art to new heights. Plus, how much joy is there in capturing great images without sharing them later?

It’s not truly a photo until you can hold it in your hand, as they say!

So check out the gallery below for inspiration, take time to document the process on your next photo walk, and make your friends the stars! You’ll have a good creative portraiture zone in which to work, and they’ll love having great shots of themselves, doing something they love to do.

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