Passport photos last 10 years—get them right!

A familiar feeling: the travel bug bites again.

Perhaps we whet your appetite to travel with last week’s featured photographer showcase, or maybe you’re starting to plan this year’s vacation. If you’re really lucky, maybe grandma is getting the whole family together for a big reunion in an exotic locale. Whatever the cause, for those of us that get the bite, heeding the call is critical to emotional and spiritual health. Fortunately, we at Mike’s Camera are prepared to help you deal with the necessities and enable your escapes.

First thing to take care of? Passport photos!

“Oh no, my passport expired!”

…an all-too-real exclamation with all-too-real consequences. It’s never fun to have to do anything over again, but when there’s a deadline to factor in, getting your documents in order on the first go can be make or break. If you need any type of ID photo taken, we’ve seen them all, from Mongolian work visas to South African passports, so you can rely on us to get it right and make your flight.

Plus-one service: the Mike’s Camera way!

  • We don’t just take 2×2 US passport photos—come to us for international visas, corporate ID photos, or even head shots for your acting profile or résumé.
  • We can provide printed or digital ID photos, depending on your specific needs.
  • We know that time is often a factor, and in most cases we can provide your ID photos while you wait.
  • Unlike less-personable ID-makers, we know that you’re going to have to live with that photo for a decade, and we care about how you like it. We’ll keep shooting until you’re happy with how you look!
  • You can be totally confident in our photos. Not only does each store’s professional mini-studio make it easy for our folks to get the lighting and background just right, we guarantee success. In the (extremely rare) circumstance that your photo is rejected, we will redo it at no charge.

No need to call ahead and schedule—stop by any Mike’s Camera location today for your passport photo needs.

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