Half-week homework: little tree worlds

It’s that time of year–thousands of coniferous trees are being invited inside to play dress-up, and artificial evergreens are being let out of their boxes for a few weeks of enjoyment. Odds are that you or someone you know has one, and it’s probably covered in a wide assortment of ornaments assembled over the years. “Trimming” is a fun holiday tradition, to be sure, but sometimes we miss the ornaments for the tree (to paraphrase the idiom). Get out your macro lens and peer into their little, fleeting world this year!

  • Are there any ornaments with a special family history? A nice “portrait” printed on one of our custom mugs might make for a fun & meaningful present!
  • Even if there’s no unique history, you might be surprised at the stories you can visualize.
  • Experiment with saturation (including desaturation!) and contrast to create a variety of different moods.
  • Best of all, all the lights around create endless opportunities to experiment with light patterns and bokeh-licious backgrounds. You can even create custom shapes with your bokeh!

As always, we’d love to see what you create. Share your pics in the comments on our Facebook page, or post to Instagram with #mymikescamera and #halfweekhomework.

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