5 easy steps towards better holiday cards!

Choose your photo first

You’ve got a whole year’s worth of great photos already sitting on your phone, computer, in social media or printed copies. Pick out a few top picks before browsing designs so you’ve got a good idea of what will pair well.

TIP: smiles, lighting and important moments are more important than a posed photo.

Collage it!

This is one big tip.

If you are pulling from Facebook or Instagram, the pictures are going to be low quality. Not to worry! You can still pull it off; just pick a design that uses multiple small image openings like this one.

Click here to use this template!

Think of your message

Some of our designs will have a sentiment already and some are blank, ready for you to add either printed or hand written messages. Don’t write a novel, be brief but thoughtful, and if you do have your message printed, don’t forget to at least sign by hand.

TIP: No apostrophes on last names! The Smiths is correct for saying the greeting is from all of the people with the last name Smith. The Smith’s or The Smiths’ isn’t.

Go for it!

Build your card on our website right from your phone or computer. Click here to start!

TIP: login to your account or create one, and save your project in case something happens. You can do the whole thing in one session as a guest, but you can’t go back if something goes wrong.

Pickup In-Store

One of the best parts about doing cards with us is you can order right from your phone and pick up in store days later. No shipping hassles. Talk to a real person. We’ll even make you a proof so if you want to make changes, you’re not stuck.

TIP: get a proof made to check spelling, clarity of image and shop for paper and envelope upgrades.

BONUS TIP! When you are in the store doing that, pick up your envelopes and start addressing them. When the final run is ready you’ll be ready and all you’ll have to do is mail them!

Ready to put those tips to use? Get 12 extra cards FREE when you buy 12 or more! This offer is only good through November 30th, so don’t wait. Click here and use the code 12FREE at checkout.

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