Half-week homework: Remnants

Howdy, photo-fans! This is the beginning of a new series, designed to get you inspired and taking pictures more frequently and more creatively.

It can be easy to get stuck taking the same kinds of photos, or—even worse—to get lazy about taking photos at all. Photo-a-day projects and their ilk have always helped reinvigorate me, so I’ll pass on the benefit to you, dear readers. Check back each Wednesday for a “homework assignment,” which could be vague or specific, thematic or technical. Then, share your results with us by dropping a link in the comments below or by posting to our Facebook page. I can’t wait to see what the community can come up with!

So, let’s get started!

This week, your assignment is to seek out beauty in the remnants. The natural fireworks in our forests have largely burned out (and I hope you got some great photos of those!), but in the afterglow of the obvious subjects, quiet and complex beauty is lurking. Think of the aesthetic of…

  • immortal potpourri in an aged and mysterious relative’s house
  • flyers from 1964 advertising products long gone, accidentally preserved in an abandoned building
  • boxes waiting for trucks on a fairground at sunset, the day after the festival closes

Get the picture? This subject really lends itself towards getting some spooky photos ready to share with friends on Halloween, too. Check out some inspiration, below, and send me those photos!

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