PSA: Drone visual feed fix

A quick note for DJI drone fliers: are you experiencing significantly distorted or delayed video feed? Here’s an example:

I, too, experienced this disruption. I was worried that I had somehow damaged one of my Mavic’s antennae—it flew fine and the footage saved to the SD card was at its normal level of quality, but flying was almost impossible with such a degraded visual feed. Fortunately, a little time poking around forums revealed that a few others were experiencing something similar. The cause seems to vary depending on your device and mainly affects Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum drones, but may affect others. Here are a few reported solutions:

  • Check your cable. The easiest thing in most diagnostics is almost always checking cables, and the same holds true here. Grab another cable and plug your phone or tablet into the USB port in the bottom of the controller.
  • Check RAM/cache space. Make sure no other apps are running but DJI GO 4, in case your RAM is getting maxed out. Similarly, some posters claimed to have fixed the problem by either turning off local caching or freeing up additional space on their phones.
  • Downgrade your app (temporarily). Finally, if none of the above work, you can seek out an APK of DJI GO 4, version 4.2.16, and replace the current version with the old one. Be sure to watch for reports of an update that fixes the issue. It’s usually best to stay completely up to date, but sometimes one needs to retreat to a stable software version when certain issues arise. This is what worked for me.

You can be sure that I’ll be keeping an eye on updates to the app, and I’ll report here when the newest version works for me once again.

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