So, you want to fly a drone?

I never thought I’d get a drone, as cool as some of the video and photography I was seeing was, as it seemed like the skill barrier was pretty high. Fortunately, I got to demo one at a Mike’s Camera event and realized that a quality imaging drone is almost easy enough for a baby to fly! See how simple it is to start the process:

Sorry we couldn’t fly this time. You can, however, and very easily! Click here to sign up for our aerial photography class, coming this fall. You’ll get an in-depth (how-not-to-)crash course from a highly experienced member of our team, and I guarantee you’ll leave inspired and confident.

You can click here to browse our current selection of models, including the Mavic Pro Platinum featured in the above video. And watch this blog for a comprehensive written 101 course, with links to help you navigate those treacherous legal waters!

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