Gifts under $50

BMR1 LED mini ring light

Great for video calls or phone photography • $29.99

Sensor cleaning kit

Give the relief of a clean sensor • $30.00

Pop Hat

Collapses to a 6″ circle • $34.99

35mm pint glass

THIS. IS. GREAT. • $36.00

Hitchhiker convertible tripod

Use as a handle or tripod with a camera, smartphone, flash, mic, & more • $39.99

Crazy Legs mobile tripod

Get yourself into any situation • $39.99

SmallRig camera cages

Custom cages for accessorization • starting at $43.99

Rustico leather photo albums

Treat your memories elegantly • starting at $44.99

Small Block WR LED light kit

Includes barn doors, snoot, gel filters, and more • $49.95

Kodak Ektar H35

Double your frames with this half frame camera • $49.99

Illuminator arm

Holds many types of reflectors, boards, etc. • $49.99