Gifts for the Studio Shooter

Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash

Multi-head adaptability, full TTL support • $349.00

Mini Max Collapsible Stool

Durable, take-anywhere portrait seating • $49.99

Phottix Raja Softbox

Quick-folding octa-boxes in three sizes • Starting at $114.99

ProMaster Reflector Holder Arm

Keep your reflectors right where they need to be • $49.99

Savage seamless backdrops

Paper rolls in all sizes & colors • Starting at $42.99

MagMod starter kit

Fast, easy control over speedlite flashes • $99.99

Savage Ring Light Video Kit

Beautify your videos with even, pleasant light; includes neutral/green-screen dual backdrop • $169.99

ProMaster telescoping background stand

Includes carrying case • $169.99

Savage Universal 500W Studio Light Kit

Each bulb provides 1,990 lumens/m² • $149.99